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Award winning Screenwriter, Film Producer and YA Author. 

Film and TV production

Ray started writing as a press officer in his teens. In the 1990’s,  he wrote, directed, and produced three short plays for BBC Radio while researching a book about millennial prophecies. Only then did he start writing his unique fantasy novels for young adults.  In 2008, he published three books and a further four eBooks in 2013.

The film agency Screen South supported one of his scripts that met B.F.I. script approval until it closed. It was then he founded Lookman a production company in 2009. He optioned two screenplays the same year with a Hollywoodproducer. His company Lookman develops in-house projects and others for VIP clients around the world.

Concurrently, his books proved so attractive that a TV film producer representing ABC had an interest in one. The other contacts led to two animated television pilots made by Orange-Tigerbells (India/Poland). He supervised these projects at all levels from his original script, subcontracting character design to direction. One was in 2D and the other 3D.

Ray is a member of Society of Authors, and takes an interest in C.W.I.G., and the SoA Broadcast Group. He is a co-founder of South East Authors a regional branch of Society of Authors. In addition, he has been part of several UK dti trade delegations. These included Kidscreen (via CMC) and MIPCOM(via PACT).

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