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Author's Name:
Award winning Screenwriter, Film Producer and YA Author. 

Film and TV production

Ray started writing as a press officer in his teens. In the 1990’s,  he wrote, directed, and produced three short plays for BBC Radio while researching a book about millennial prophecies. Only then did he start writing his unique fantasy novels for young adults.  In 2008, he published three books.

The film agency Screen South supported one of his scripts that met B.F.I. script approval until it closed. It was then he founded Lookman a production company in 2009. He has optioned five screenplays many of which are in development. His company Lookman develops in-house projects and others for VIP clients around the world.

He has launched two Children's TV pilots and has won eleven awards for screen writing. Currently he is working on a historical drama biopic which he hopes to write the novel in the new year. 

Ray is a member of Society of Authors, and takes an interest in C.W.I.G., and the SoA Broadcast Group. He is a co-founder of South East Authors a regional branch of Society of Authors. In addition, he has been part of several UK dti trade delegations. These included Kidscreen (via CMC) and MIPCOM(via PACT).

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